Who We Are

What makes us Heroic?

Heroic has been photographing Saint Louis weddings and engagements since 2008. We create vibrant portaits that express our client's personalities with our bright, bold, and colorful style.

Marissa loves Harry Potter almost as much as her husband, so we used the books as a creative influence for their wedding photography.
Samson geeks out about retro video games like Terminator 2, so we went to their favorite arcade for their engagement shoot.
Carly and Bryce are Blues super fans, so we had their engagement session on ice with lots of mean mugging and cheering.
Erica and Adam are amazing Cross Fitters, so we ventured into their gym and used barbells, ropes, kettle bells, and more.

Our Tools Help Us Create Art

Modern digital technology has allowed us to approach photography in unexpectedly creative ways. We can more thoroughly experiment during a shoot because we know we won't run out of film in the pursuit of the shot. We can perfectly craft a creatively risky composition with beautiful lighting effects because we can see the results instantaneously. We can create photos in traditionally difficult photography situations, such as near darkness, because our camera sensors are so powerful.

With many limits of the medium removed, we can focus more on the creative aspect of photography instead of the technical. We can experiment with unique angles, compositions, and effects to create not just portraits, but art. "Can we get this photo?" has become "How do we create this idea?"

We Became The Photographers We'd Want To Hire

Heroic is more than a business, it's our outlet for creating. Creativity doesn't abide by hourly time limits, leaving early on your big day, or by charging extra for access your photos.

We created our photography services to make both our clients and ourselves happy. We'll be there for your entire day so that we capture everything important and so that we have the time to experiment and find what's unique about your story. We don't force you to buy a pre-built package that maximizes our profits, we let you decide how you'd love to present your photos with prints, books, wall art, and more.

Interested In Our Photography Services?

If you'd like to learn more about Heroic and our photography services, contact us and let us know more about what you have in mind.